June 10, 2021

How Can Trades Businesses Effectively Generate Referrals?

A steady stream of income only happens with a steady stream of work. Having jobs coming in as much as they are being completed, is crucial to the stability of your business. In both the short AND long-term. The best way to make this happen? Word-of-mouth. As simple as it sounds, referrals are what keeps the jobs coming in and your business booming. Below we’ve outlined a few key ways you can get more referrals.

Tip: Make sure you check the end of this article for a link to an online To-Do List you can use to help you with this.

Use Social Media

Some tradies loathe it, others thrive on it. Whatever your feelings are towards social media, it is one of the most important marketing avenues for any business these days. People often check Facebook and Instagram to see what a business has to offer before they call. Many people simply ask friends, family, and others in their community for referrals through these platforms. People want to hire businesses that are recommended by someone they know, even online, so this can help generate interest from potential clients. By having social media accounts that are updated regularly and participate in these online communities, you are much more likely to get more referrals.

Make Flyers

This method of generating referrals is tried and true. It is one of the more inexpensive ways to get word out about your business, and just simply effective. Flyers can take many shapes and forms but they key point that should be stressed is appearance.

Make sure your flyer:

  • can easily grab someone’s attention
  • clearly shows what your business is about
  • include a nice graphic, possibly a picture (or two) of your work
  • is easy to read
  • displays clearly who to call and how
  • includes what your business can offer

Anything more you can do to grab people’s attention, like offering a discount on the flyer, will only improve your likelihood of getting more referrals.

Create a Website

What is the first thing you do these days when you’re looking for a product or service? You certainly don’t reach for the white pages in the cupboard next to the home phone. The first thing that people do before hiring a business is search for the service or product online. If you don’t have a website, people will often skip over you and choose someone who does.

The website provides you with:

  1. Visibility
  2. Legitimacy and;
  3. A platform, to convey the most useful bits of information about your business

It gives you the scope:

  • to explain all the services you offer
  • showcase your prior work with images and reviews
    as well as, explain a little about yourself as a business owner
  • to link your social media pages to it

In Summary

Generate referrals by:

  1. Using social media effectively
  2. Making and distributing flyers
  3. Having a great website

All these avenues work together to build trust in you and your business, giving customers confidence that they can rely on you to get the job done. They can also effectively integrate with one another so that your business presents professionally with a sense of cohesion, which makes it much easier to generate referrals. Not just from other customers, but through your local community and other businesses too!

Your To-Do List

Save or print this list
Social Media:
Flyers/hardcopy marketing:


**most of these can apply to creating a website or reviewing an existing one


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