Why Choose V10?

At V10, we understand the unique challenges of the trades and construction industry.

In the dynamic world of trades and construction, it demands efficient administrative support. Managing paperwork, responding to customer enquiries, and keeping up with endless administrative tasks can significantly detract from your primary focus - your trade. 

That's where V10  comes in, offering a unique blend of on-shore and off-shore virtual assistant services to keep your operations streamlined and cost-effective.


With V10 you get a client manager who works with you to figure out what you’d like to achieve with your business and what work needs to be done to get it there. Then they assign individuals from our pool of experts to tackle the job. You won’t need to hire an office manager, social media manager, or compliance officer. By having access to V10s pool of virtual assistants and with the help of your own client manager, you spend less money to get the same work done with better results in less time. It’s a no-brainer!

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Every client gets their own Client Manager

Our Client Managers are a bit like office managers. Except our client managers are expert ex-executive assistants working remotely to delegate all the work you need done. And you don’t need to spend a fortune to keep them on hand when they’re not needed. Each week you’ll spend some time with your client manager to work out exactly what needs to be done and when, so they can assign the best virtual assistant (VA) for the job, to get it done efficiently and with great results.

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Our experts have industry knowledge

Everyone on our team is dedicated to trades businesses. Our client managers and all our VAs are specialists in their respective fields. And they also know trades! Everyone at V10 is dedicated to helping tradies with every aspect of their business and has the know how to navigate the industry. You won’t find anyone more knowledgeable about each aspect of running a business with the same level of expertise in the trades industry. Not only do we have VAs capable of tackling the day to day running of a trades business. We also have VAs who can handle all the trade specific tasks that normal VAs struggle with like quoting, supplier management, and workplace safety.

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Each task gets its own VA

You wouldn’t expect a plumber to know how to wire a house. So why would you expect an office manager to be able to develop a social media marketing plan? You may just need help with the administration side of your business, not marketing. Or you may have your quoting covered but can’t handle your website. Each tradie has different needs. Once our client manager has spoken to you and worked out exactly what you need, they can choose a VA from our pool of experts to get each task done. Need your books sorted, someone to organise staff for incoming jobs, write a procedures manual to train staff, as well as help with OH&S compliance? Your client manager will send the books to one of our bookkeepers, assign an admin assistant to schedule jobs, have an industry expert manage the manual and training, and have any compliance concerns reviewed by a qualified OH&S officer. All these specialist VAs will work on the tasks quickly and expertly. And you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

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One weekly fee

Instead of paying several invoices for each specialist with different pay rates and varying number of hours each week, you just pay one weekly fee for the package you’ve chosen. Just one invoice to pay.

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No lock in contracts

Only need us for a few weeks to get on top of your administration tasks? Going on holiday and won’t be needing our service while the business is quieter? No worries! You pay for what you need. With no lock in contracts, you’re free to access our service when you need it with no obligations.

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We have a money back guarantee*

We are so sure that you’ll be completely satisfied with our service that we can guarantee your money back if you aren’t happy. No questions asked. It’s as simple as that.

*Our Money Back Guarantee: If you, for any reason, are unhappy with the work we have completed for you – you get back the total cost for the previous week’s work. This claim must be made within 7 days, from the end of that billed week of work that you were dissatisfied with

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Book a quick chat to talk about how we might be able to help you and your business. We can answer any questions you might have for us and we’ll be able to learn a bit about your business and what you need.