October 4, 2022

Growing Scalable Businesses with a Virtual Assistant

Business owners are growing their scalable businesses easily without having to change their business strategy in a major way.

Scalability helps a business grow exponentially without becoming overwhelmed.

The key is to maximize your business’s productivity and a great way to do that is to hire virtual assistants that can handle the day-to-day aspects of running a business.

Here, take a look at ways to grow scalable businesses with a virtual assistant:

Why You Should Use a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant will probably make your business more efficient.

As a business owner, you’re busy. You can’t do it all, but your business isn’t ready to take on new permanent employees yet.

Business owners can delegate daily tasks to virtual assistants who can help relieve some of the workloads which then opens up time and resources to focus on the larger business.

Virtual Assistants make it possible to grow a business without investing a lot of money in growth and they’re ‘virtual’, so you don’t need to accommodate them with office space.

Not enough benefits for you?

Well, they’re also independent contractors, so you do not have to pay benefits. You only need to pay for the time you use them.

Amazing, right?

But what jobs can a Virtual Assistant do? Let’s take a look:

What Can Virtual Assistants Do?

As a business owner, you need to focus on customer satisfaction and contacting your leads.

You are the face of your business, and obviously, those are not jobs that can be delegated yet. However, you can hire a virtual assistant to deal with daily tasks. Perhaps you need someone to respond to your emails, update your social media pages, organize your calendar, and more.

But, we can already hear you saying “I don’t have time to spend training an employee!”

The great part about hiring a Virtual Assistant is that you can pick from a pool of candidates and find one who already has the skills and experience that you’re looking for. So, you don’t have to train them.

a virtual assistant helping a business

A Virtual Assistant can work whatever hours you specify and their experience can go far beyond menial tasks.

You need to determine what your needs are and find a virtual assistant who ticks all the boxes.

Virtual Assistants Keep Your Customers Happy

Another important way that virtual assistants can help grow your scalable business is by staying on top of your customer satisfaction.

Customers expect businesses to respond very quickly, and your virtual assistant can stay on top of the company’s

  • emails
  • Facebook requests and comments
  • phone calls
  • and more.

Studies show that almost half of customers expect a response on Facebook within an hour, and 84% expect a response in less than a day.

When you have a virtual assistant, you can be sure that your customers are satisfied.

Virtual Assistants Help Your Business Grow

Another asset of a virtual assistant is that they can become process masters.

They can create processes for generating leads and expand over time. They will document the process so that it is easy to duplicate, and they can help you grow your business as much as you want it to grow.

A virtual assistant talking to a customer

Using a Virtual Assistant Has Value

When you hire a virtual assistant, the ROI is greater than it is to hire an employee. With a new employee, you will need to spend time and money training and teaching them how onboard and more. You will probably need to hire someone full-time, and you may not have enough work for them in the beginning.

A virtual assistant can be hired for the hours you need, and you can choose one who is already familiar with your onboarding process.

If you need them to manage your social media campaign, you can find one who has extensive experience in this. Your virtual assistant can handle these tasks and free you up so that you can focus on providing outstanding customer service.


Free up time and resources by hiring a Virtual Assistant so you can focus on the growth of your business. It’s that easy.

Your To-Do List

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#1 – Focus on customer satisfaction
#2 – Keep customers happy
#3 – Help your business grow
#4 – Free up time and resources