October 11, 2022

Top Signs That You Need to Delegate More

You’re busy; you’re a business owner, so it’s a curse of the trade. But, when you’re busy it can lead to distraction; running a business and going full stream, working through the day and often into the night. This is a complaint we hear all too often.

Are you doing everything yourself?

Come on, you can admit it – you’re probably doing too much.

Taking on too much can lead to exhaustion and stress because there is always more work to do – you’ll never get to the end of that to-do list, not when it’s your business – your baby.

So, how can you fix this to prevent exhaustion and get some of your life back? You need to delegate more.

Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you need to delegate more.

a builder delegating some jobs to an employee

1) As a Trades Business Owner, too much of your day is spent on routine tasks

If you spend most of your day answering emails and performing menial tasks, you might fall behind on work for the larger business, such as meeting clients and quoting jobs.

Daily operations can be completed by a virtual assistant or an employee. If you’re spending too much of your day on menial tasks then it’s time to delegate those tasks and focus on making your customers happy and growing your business.

2) Your Employees Don’t Have Enough to Do

Are your employees sitting around? Did you just catch one of them scrolling Instagram? Uh-oh, they have too much time on their hands.

If you have hired someone, or a team to help you with tasks and they don’t have enough to do it’s because you haven’t delegated them the work.

Delegating is more than some extra help. Maximize their time. Don’t pay employees to sit there and twiddle their thumbs.

We appreciate that sometimes this happens because you don’t trust your employees. But, this can lead to you holding onto too much work or micromanaging your employees. Neither of these is a productive way to run a business.

It’s important to delegate tasks to employees and give them a chance to do the job correctly. This will create a positive working environment, and allow you to focus on the business and your customers.

2 builders sitting around eating

3) Take an Organized Approach to Delegation

So, how do you delegate tasks?

Make a list of everything you do.

  • Daily Tasks
  • Weekly Tasks
  • Monthly Tasks

The first step is to decide which tasks require your efforts – the jobs that your team can’t do, such as talking to customers.

Separate the jobs that you can assign to someone else.

This could include:

  • answering emails
  • scheduling
  • running reports
  • and other things of this nature

As you look over your tasks, your plan will emerge.

Now it’s time to start delegating to your employees or a virtual assistant so you can relieve the burden on your shoulders and move back to focus on the large business, the customers and your own life.

Your To-Do List

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#1 – Delegate more