October 25, 2022

Social Media Content Ideas for Trades Businesses

Your social media is a valuable tool for connecting with customers and generating leads. But, your content needs to be engaging.

The goal of your social media is to provide content that will lead to ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ of your posts to increase brand awareness.

Here are some excellent social media content ideas to inspire your business pages and help you grow your brand awareness across social channels.

customers checking a builder’s Facebook page on their phone

1) Post Photos and Videos of Projects

People want to know what you sell or service, so, show them.

If you can provide examples of projects you have completed on your page, they can generate interest. Also:

  • Post before and after pictures or videos of completed projects.
  • Ask your customers to like your page and tag them in photos of their project.
  • Showcase your work.

2) Post Articles About Completed Projects

Blog posts are a must for any business with a website.

No matter what your business supplies, you should write blog posts about relevant topics and projects you’ve completed.

Blog posts help to show visitors that you are an expert in your field and you can share them on social media.

3) Host Contests, Polls, and Surveys

Social media is all about engagement and there’s nothing that people like to do more than give their opinions.

On your social media, you can host contests, surveys, and polls, they’re a great way to get people to engage with your page and get involved.

You could even offer contests and discounts if they hire your business for a project. Meanwhile, surveys will give you an idea of what people are interested in, which can help in future planning.

Your To-Do List

Save or print this list
#1 – Post Photos and Videos of your project
#2 – Post articles about complete projects
#3 – Host contests, Polls & Surveys