October 18, 2022

3 Top Tips to Deliver Great Customer Service in a Trades Business

In order to grow a successful trades business, you need great customer service. Without it, your business might get lucky and tick along for a while, but the exponential growth for a booming business just won’t happen. In fact, ticking along is best case scenario – the worst case is your business will just fail.

Customers expect a positive experience on top of quality services and goods. If your business can’t deliver an excellent service, you’ll have trouble holding onto customers.

So, here are 3 top tips to deliver great customer service to your trade customers and make sure they come back or refer your business to others.

1. Be an expert in your trades business’ service

Are you an expert?

Without a doubt, the first step to providing great customer service is experience and an understanding of your trade.

You need to be an expert in your products and services and be able to answer any questions your customers have.

Hurdles arise, especially in trades businesses where projects can be delayed with multiple issues. You’ll need to talk through the scenarios, provide options, and know how to work around challenges. An expert in their field can do this.

If a customer is working with an expert they’ll feel supported through whatever decisions need to be made and reassured that they’ve chosen the best person/business for the job.

happy customers dancing

2. Respond Quickly and with a Positive Attitude

Most customers believe that a quick response is the most important part of offering good customer service.

You need to respond promptly whether it’s for an appointment, to discuss something, or just to complain. Ensure your business responds quickly and with a positive attitude

It’s that old (American) saying – “the customer is always right” (even if they’re not).

3. Personalize Your Service and Listen to Your Customers

Customers want to feel important and valuable to your business.

You do this by listening to them. It sounds simple, but that’s basically it. Listen to what they have to say and take note.

Then you can personalize your customer service to make sure you are meeting their needs.


So, there you have it – 3 top tips to deliver great customer service for your trades business

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#1 – Be an expert
#2 – Respond to your Customer
#3 – Personalise your service