September 13, 2022

2 Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tips for Trades Businesses

Competition is tough. You know, you’re a business owner.

Customers want recommendations before they contact a business for a quote or before they select a business to hire.

If you have used the internet before, which – hello? – obviously, you have, you’ll see customers “Asking for recommendations” all the time.

This shows how much people rely on word-of-mouth recommendations above all else. You need to tap into this marketing strategy to grow your business.

5 star review

Word-of-mouth marketing is more than your clients recommending you to their friends and families. It involves social media marketing and opportunities for users to express their satisfaction with your business.

It is important to understand just how significant personal recommendations are: Nielsen finds that 92% of consumers prefer to use a business recommended by their family and friends.

1) Keep Your Facebook Page Updated with New Content

One way to encourage recommendations is to keep your social media pages active. You should include photos of your work, and give customers an opportunity to like and share.

Offer to upload pictures of work you did for them, and tag them. You can also ask them to tag you in any pictures or posts they might have, and be sure to ask for a recommendation.

Business owner on Facebook
You can upload engaging content, such as blog posts that are relevant to your work. You can also post about quick and easy projects to give your followers ideas and show them that it isn’t very difficult to get one going. You can offer surveys and other interactive posts to keep your followers engaged.

2) Always Deliver the Best Customer Experience

Customers have a lot of different options today, and when they find someone who not only does the job well, but also delivers an ideal customer experience, they share this with friends and family.

Customers expect more than a job well done. They want to feel appreciated. They want to know that you listen to them and understand their concerns. The happier you can make your customers, the more likely they will recommend you to their friends and family.

The key to word-of-mouth marketing is to make sure that you provide an incredible customer experience. You want to stand out in your customers’ minds so that they will recommend you.

Keep your Facebook and other social media pages active, and provide people with opportunities to say good things about their experiences with you.

Your To-Do List

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#1 – Keep your Facebook page updated with content
#2 – Deliver the best customer experience